Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our cloud-based mortgage servicing platform is a complete solution. It provides cash and escrow processing, reporting for Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and MBS pools for private investors. It includes customer service modules and tracking, custom documents and statements, document management, collections and default servicing, IRS reporting, and third-party integrations. General ledger interfaces are available, and it supports interim servicing portfolios, too.

Our mortgage loan servicing software supports a wide range of loan instruments and loan types, including FHA and VA loans, conventional loans, fixed rate mortgages, ARMs, HELOCs, buydowns, balloon mortgages, second mortgages, and private mortgage insurance (PMI). It also handles commercial loans, land contracts, biweekly loans, and B/C paper. There is also support for older product types, including option ARMs and many more.

Absolutely. Our cloud-based mortgage servicing platform can be configured to meet the needs of your workflow and specifications. Data can be extracted and customized based on your needs, and can be refreshed periodically—daily, weekly, or monthly, etc. Many on-demand reports are available, too.

We have a one-year minimum contract requirement. Otherwise, your commitment is based on the level of services requested.

You’ll be billed monthly, after services are rendered.

Your data is protected by multiple firewalls and endpoint security with 24/7 threat hunting and regular security audits. Our cloud-based mortgage servicing platform is also deployed in multiple data centers, with data continually backed up. All our servers, applications, and processes meet FISMA/NIST requirements.